You’ve already fallen asleep and I’m here as usual, trying to get some sleep but lately these days I haven’t been able to get sleep as fast as you do.

It’s hard to do it when all I think about is you and you’re sleeping now, so it’s some kind of spell you put on me.

This spell that isn’t letting me close my eyes and forget about all. It’s like I have this constant image of you on my mind and no matter how much I try, I still can’t sleep.

Although my eyes are tired, my heart is not, and maybe you should remember that. Maybe you should always know that I can’t be myself without you by my side, I just can’t even ‘be’.

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I trully realized I was madly in love with her when one day that she had to leave, we -as usual- didn’t want to separate and say goodbye, and suddenly this feeling came up deep in my chest, like ‘what the hell am I feeling up here, is my heart burning in flames or is it just a joke?’. Then I told her, ‘Wait, babe’ with low voice, or at least I now it wasn’t a strong tone, like when you find yourself fighting for air in a nervous situation.

So she looked at me with a smile, trying to simulate that she didn’t know what I was gonna say, and then, we were waiting on the street for the red light to turn in green, and I felt I couldn’t do anything more than sit on a small column that there was before crossing and she came closer and I hugged her waist as if I was nothing else than a little child, as if I was never to see her again, as if I was gonna to start my Kinder classes and she was my mom and I would die before to leave her, leave her perfume…

A few seconds later the light went green, I stood up and we finally crossed the street. I was still in that kinda ‘air battle’ with myself. I mean, I was fighting with my own lungs for some air to breathe. We were hanging hands when she almost kept walking and I held her hand stronger to be sure she couldn’t walk too far so easily and made her stop.

I clearly remember I looked into her sensitive, shiny and green eyes when my thorax expanded and the following words came out as the biggest romantic tsunami I could’ve ever provoked. ‘I love you’, I corroborated to her before I loaned while grabbing her sweet and soft pale waist before kissing those aquarel light pink lips.

But the kiss didn’t last so long because she stepped back and asked ‘do you?’. I mean, what I get and got in that moment of this question, is not that she didn’t believe me, it was just the fact that were waiting for four months so anxiously to say that to each other

I got closer again, looked deep in her ocean eyes once more, and said ‘Yes’ with my waving head. As I couldn’t be standing there without kissing her, I started again to feel those pretty lips. I haven’t ever been so sure before of loving someone so hardly and crazily as I was starting to love her, my girl.

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Inquisitive girl

I don’t want anything else than her eyes. Anything. Nothing more than that suspicious, exciting and turned-on look when she keeps her eyes on me, which drives me insane. How she looks at all in a way that shows her up as a vulnerable, young, innocent, scholar but inquisitive girl.

I know everyone may see that profile too but I’m also even luckier to know that she’s, at the same time, an adventurous person, daring, inquisitive, courious, cheesy and mature, she’s what I always wanted and I’ve never been able to find.

She’s definitely and totally a real big admiring woman, she’s my woman. She’s my star, not just because of her light and comprehensive advice, but also for her unconditional company where I can rest my goods and bads every bless day. I’m such a fool for her.

As soon as I fell in love with her human being, I found out I don’t want anything else, I’m not looking forward to meet anyone, the only one that I need it’s the one I already have, and I couldn’t be happier.

By her side I feel safe, I feel that she’s safe with me, I don’t want her to be far away from me. I also have this feeling of thinking that I’m the only one that she’s secure with, aware of any danger, of anything, anyone.

When I hug her I want to grab her body as if I were going to have her between my arms for the rest of my life, and not letting anyone do anything to her. Not even letting the nature to transform, change or disorder her peaceful mind and look, that kinda peace that takes and brings everywhere she comes and goes.

That girl, that girl is mine, but you know, there’s always this present issue… that I can’t believe it, I can’t believe she’s mine. Though she is, she’s my reason to smile, to breathe, to be born again, just my reason to be, and that’s more than enough…

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Because when you know you’re born to be with someone, you just know it, there’s no need to listen to anyone’s advice to corroborate that you’re in the right way. I mean, you just know, cuz you feel it. And you feel it there, deep in your beating heart, your chest, almost suffocating in a lovely way. You just know when there’s a magic and mysterious connexion with that someone. You’ll know it.
C.Denisse Curutchet (via moonlightwords4u)

Baby, you have no idea how gorgeous you are, even when you think your hair is messy, or your face looks awful because of the lack of sleep, or your tummy isn’t as thin as you want it to be, or when you get mad because I look at your pouring eyes.

The amount of words and descriptions that come to my mind in that short time are thousands, are infinite -but also won’t ever be able to describe everything I see on you- because I tend to get so anxious to let you know how perfect you are in every single second that you live, every little and imperceptible movement you do, every expression of your face, every sound or silence that you create…

All that my girl, all that is more than enough for me to realize and to keep remembering myself that you’re the most sweet and prettiest girl that this world could have, and the only one that I will always want to wake up with and next to.

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They said that if you’re not still fallen asleep after 3.00 am you’re probably feeling lonely or you’re probably in love.

I feel both, you know. But I think that love is always stronger. And that’s why I’m here. Still thinking about you, wanting to write, listening to music and not being able to close my eyes…

C. Denisse Curutchet (via moonlightwords4u)